Towards a net-zero future

At ESSGE-PLAST, we take great pride in our mission to reduce our overall impact on the environment.

We are constantly working to improve our manufacturing processes in order to reduce our long-term resource utilization of both energy and raw materials. With these actions, our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint and decreasing our overall impact – both directly and indirectly – on the ecosystem.

Energy sources


Energy consumption

ESSGE-PLAST emits one-sixth (16.7%) of the CO2 equivalent per consumed MWh compared to the Swedish average for both electricity and district heating – a great feat considering Sweden being a world-leader in the field.

Our electricity consumption consists of 99.95% renewable, or recycled, green energy from local producers. In numbers, these are divided as following: water energy (74.4%), wind energy (25.4%) and solar energy (0.2%).

We strive to inspire our customers, and suppliers, to work together towards an ecological and sustainable environment

Energy-saving measures

ESSGE-PLAST continuously replaces older injection molding machines with newer more energy-efficient ones.

Between cycles, the motor servos of our machines are automatically turned off to minimize our total energy consumption.

When we replace our older injection moulding machines, we carefully choose newer models that are especially energy efficient.

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