We are particularly proud of our filter manufacturing

ESSGE-PLAST are specialized in creating customized filters that are tailored to your specific requirements. 

Whether you need soft and flexible or hard and sturdy filters – we can help you. The production of the frame and in-moulding of the filter is done in one step, which ensures a perfect fit and is cost optimized.

Different filters on display.
Another array of filters on display, including the filter named

Customizable for your needs

The design of the filters can be customized endlessly. We manufacture products according to your specifications and needs.

We embed various types of filtration media in different types of materials. A few of them are other plastics, sintered metal, perforated sheet metal, flocked fabrics and synthetic and metal weaves.

We have extensive experience in technical moulded parts and filters

With a pleated construction, we multiply the filter area, significantly increasing the filter’s purification capabilities.

Our filters can withstand increased contamination and have a longer lifespan, due to their high quality. As we have been manufacturing pleated filters for many years, our experience and expertise allow us to build highly automated production flows.

Picture displaying two filters with different filter media applied.
Picture of the filter called

Save both time and money

We can see the product from a broader perspective and provide advice and suggestions on how the manufacturing process can be improved.

For example, it may be possible to injection mould a nut in the same step that would otherwise be assembled in the next stage – saving both time and money.

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Our expertise has made us a trusted partner to more than 80 customers in over 100 countries since our establishment in 1965. With our experience in the industry, we provide complete product development and support – from design to product delivery.